water softeners

Did you know that water softening can prolong the life of your plumbing and save you money by keeping your water heater working more efficiently?  Minerals such as calcium and magnesium in water make it harder.  Hard water can cause the build up of limescale and prevent household and cleaning soaps from dissolving properly.  This can lead to clogged pipes and less efficient plumbing.  You might even notice your fuel bill goes up as your water heater runs less efficiently.

PipeMasters Plumbing plumbers are fully qualified in all aspects of water softening systems.  We can maintain and repair your existing water conditioning system if you have one and our experienced team would be glad to advise you on possible upgrades.

Do you need a water softening system installed?

Our expert plumbers can discuss every aspect of water conditioning with you to help you make the best choice for your home water conditioning needs.  We will help you to find the right system for your home and budget.  Your system will be installed and up and running in no time and we can offer support with maintenance and upkeep in the future.  Call us today to arrange for water testing and we will help you choose the right system to give your home the best water quality possible.